Cindy Duffey

Director of Energy Procurement
Cindy Duffey

Cindy started her career as a call center agent for Dallas Power & Light in June 1984.  While this was a regulated company, Cindy always looked for ways to improve the customer experience and received several awards for customer advocacy even before there was a competitive environment.

When the companies of Texas Utilities merged, Cindy was the first to volunteer to expand her knowledge by cross training with Texas Power and Light and Texas Electric Service customers.  Bringing with her the passion to do the right thing for customers, she excelled in providing clients what they needed to manage their utility needs.

Cindy flourished in the deregulated market, providing clients superior service to maintain customer confidence and improved customer retention for key major and national accounts.  When the opportunity to move into sales was presented, she attacked that with the same intensity that made her successful as a customer support/advocate. Doing what she does best, Cindy continued to provide the commercial client the best options to be successful in their business. Even as a direct sales executive for one retail company, she never lost focus on what was the most important thing, and that was the customer. Cindy retired from TXU Energy in April 2016 having won many awards for excellence in sales as the sales executive for the East Texas region.

Cindy now finds her talents best suited for helping clients in a robust deregulated market as a consultant.  She specializes in finding the retail supplier that provides not just the best price for the best term, but the best fit for the business needs of the client.  Still an advocate for the client, she now treasures the opportunity to expand the client options to best meet their needs and help them navigate the murky waters of electric contract pricing and negotiations.  She explains to clients in simple and transparent ways what is important to secure the best electric contract for their business.  She is there before and after the initial contracting process to support the client in any way.  Happy, successful clients are her passion and her mission.